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Apr 11th: Verona (NY)
Apr 12th: Schenectady (NY)
Apr 13th: Providence
Apr 16th: Staten Island
Apr 17th: Wilkes-Barre (PA)
Apr 18th: Red Bank (NJ)
Apr 19th: Morristown (NJ)

Apr 26th: Anderson (IN)
Apr 27th: York (PA)
May 9th: Chandler (AZ)
May 10th: W.Wendover (NV)
May 23rd: Las Vegas
Jun 6th: Rancho Mirage
Jun 7th: Rancho Mirage

Six is the Charm: Grammy Win

We are elated to announce that, on try six, Kathy has finally won the elusive Grammy for her latest album "Calm Down Gurrl". Kathy becomes only the third woman ever to receive the Best Comedy Album award, joining Whoopi Goldberg and Lily Tomlin.

Kathy took time to thank the real people that got her there: Oprah, Ryan Seacrest and every Lohan on the planet. She could not have done it without you guys. Her complete acceptance is embedded below. (listen to album)

Making "Majestic" History

Kathy, in cooperation with Bravo, taped her 20th comedy special on Nov. 24 in San Antonio's Majestic Theatre. In addition to her normal peeps, reps from Guinness World Records were to present Kathy with the title for "Most Stand-Up Specials by a Comedian."

Kathy::: "humbled by the honor and can't wait to set the award next to my Schmemmys and forthcoming Grammy Award."

The new special, titled Record Breaker will air on Bravo Wed, Dec 18th at 8pm ET/PT. Bravo's release can be read here.

Jane Lynch and Glee

The Trevor Project's "Trevor Live" gala (15th annual) was hosted by Kathy on December 8th. The special charity event saw the entire Glee cast as well as Kathy roasting Jane Lynch. We are very happy to be closely involed with the Trevor Project once again which raises awareness and funds for programs that help LGBTQ teens in crisis situations.

How U Doin: Wendy Williams

Breaking the record for the comic with the most comedy specials EVER, Kathy sits down with Wendy to dish on her younger boyfriend and the Daytime Emmy drama with Kris Jenner.

Kathy sticks around for "Ask Wendy" and gives relationship advice to audience members. Watch Kathy’s full segment below.

Back Down Under

Hold onto your hats, and the rest of your clothing, Kathy is going overseas again. We are pleased to announce that she will be visiting Sydney and Melbourne again in October. Nothing much happens when Kathy travels to the other side of the earth, other than the picture at right (from her last trip).

Kathy and the entire staff look forward to seeing you. Make sure to buy tickets early, as the last stops went pretty quickly. Tickets are available starting August 16th.

Lasik Revisited

Here's the deal. I've had severe complications from lasik surgery. My doctor WAS Dr. Robert Maloney of the Maloney Vision Institute in Los Angeles and Extreme Makeover. I will not be going to him again. I've had FIVE surgeries on my right eye. Three were lasik surgeries and one was an attempt at corrective surgery by Maloney. Most recently, I had another corrective surgery by another doctor and let me tell you, once my complications began in 2003, it was a bitch!

Kathy`s DVD`s & CD`s

Kathy`s DVD`s & CD`sKathy`s DVD`s & CD`s

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Visit our official Twitter, Myspace and Facebook pagesVisit our official Twitter, Myspace and Facebook pages
Visit our official Twitter, Myspace and Facebook pagesVisit our official Twitter, Myspace and Facebook pages
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