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Live Chat with Kathy Griffin
Sunday, April 15, 2007
from Kathy's home

(Questions submitted live by fans - admin: Will.)

Kathy’s opening statement: I want to extend my condolences to the family, and forum members who are friends with the family, of Montana, our forum member who passed away recently. I want you to know that all of the postings are really touching.

Admin: From Christine: Hi Kathy. Could you tell us about your favorite moment while filming the newest season of "My Life on the D-List." One that will definitely not be shown?

Kathy: There were a lot of moments on my date with Nick Carter that won’t be shown -- only because I wanted to change the entire theory of "Kathy Griffin Dates Nick Carter."

He sang two complete Backstreet Boys songs to me. That, of course, Bravo couldn’t buy. That was really sweet, but only a little bit of that will end up on the show. Also, he talks about going out in the clubs and girls using him to get to Aaron, and how he feels like yesterday’s news compared to his 18-year-old brother Aaron.

Admin: From multiple users: Kathy, any chance you will be on "The View" as a guest or co-host any time soon again? What do you think of Rosie’s comments lately? Any that you do not agree with?

Kathy: I will be on The View again June 4th. And I absolutely adore Rosie. I think she is essential to the newest success of the show. I don’t always agree with anybody.

Admin: From Cons: Kathy, you don’t seem like you would ever get stage fright; but, if you did (all people must), where was it and what happened?

Kathy: I usually get stage fright in form of mild diarrhea. By the way, that is a good thing if I had too many carbs that day. In fact, I have a fear of not getting stage fright.

Admin: From JulieV: Kathy, I would like to know what it was like performing in a prison? Were there any unexpected elements or moments?

Kathy: Almost everything was unexpected. The women’s stories were mostly heartbreaking. Even the warden admitted that about 80% of them were there because of some guy, i.e., "My boyfriend said if I robbed a bank with him, it would prove I love him."

I did two different shows. One night was for the female inmates. The other night was for the male inmates. And the most fun part for me was when I was able to shock the male inmates with my foul language. I believe I told one guy I would fuck him down to the nub. I got a nice round of applause. And, also, I would like to say hello to Murphyturf. And invite her to take a nap inside my pussy any time she wants!

Admin: From multiple users: Kathy we would like to express our thoughts and prayers to your mom. How are you and the family doing, and did your fans help at all through the process you must still be going through?

Kathy: You can’t even imagine how therapeutic it was for my mom to read all of those postings. She comes over here, I plop her in front of the computer, and we read them together.

Admin: From Miker: Hi, Kathy. How big of a role will you have on the Larry King 50 Years show? We hear you are excited to be a part of it!

Kathy: I couldn’t even believe that I was asked to participate. I think it airs next Saturday. It was really weird. Nerve-wracking and fun.

I got to meet Jane Fonda, which was a huge thrill. Of course, Dr. Phil was a tool and insisted on getting a picture of him choking me. But he does have a sense of humor about himself. I don’t know how I got so lucky that Larry King seems to like me, and I’m thrilled about it. During the commercial breaks, Larry kept bitching that his wife Shawn had a migraine and he had to get home. It was hilarious.

Admin: Kathy, are you offered or shown many movie scripts; and, if so, what is the craziest one you have ever seen and/or considered?

Kathy: Usually I get offers for incredibly tiny roles, to play myself, in which I would get no money. But I am going to do a small part in a movie coming up, called "Dixies" because Andy Dick is in it. And you know how much I love that freak.

I really prefer television. Although, I’m very excited to go see my friend Molly Shannon’s new movie tonight, called "Year Of The Dog." I hear she’s great in it. I got a call from my sober gays to go see Molly’s movie, and I can’t wait. Although I’m sure it would be just as enjoyable with drunken gays.

Admin: Kathy, a follow-up on your mother using the forums. Is this a new thing that has happened lately, or has she always looked around a little from time to time?

Kathy: My dad was the one who would look at them all of the time. My mom doesn’t know how to use the computer. But my dad used to really enjoy it--especially, of course, when he read something complementary about himself.

Admin: From Johny: Kathy, we are dying to have anything from you!! T-shirts, hats, posters...autographed 8 x 10’s! Anything in the works?

Kathy: I really need to get on that. When I did it in person, it was kind of more trouble than it was worth. But, this year, I would like to set up something kind of simple through the website.

I got inspired to name my next special "Everybody Can Suck It" when I saw the picture of Reagan wearing a T-shirt with that phrase on the forum. In fact, when Bravo did not want me to name the special that, I said, "No, no, there are people who come to my shows with ‘Everybody Can Suck It’ on t-shirts that they made themselves."

Admin: From Born (three times, so a little fun): Would you rather be stuck with Ann Coulter or gauge out your own eyes?

Kathy: I would gauge out my own eyes, and then I would stick them up Bill O’Reilly’s butt.

Admin: From multiple users: Kathy, we would like your insight on the Imus situation and the media attention it is getting. What do you think about him being fired as you are friends with Howard Stern?

Kathy: I love that IMUS was fired. It’s been a long time coming. He’s just lame. And while I do believe in free speech, of course, Don Imus was on a news channel, which is very very different from Rosie O’Donnell, who is a professional comedian, being on a women’s coffee klatch show.

Admin: From Michael: As executive producer of "My Life on the D-List," do you have the final say on all creative decisions or does Bravo have some say, too? Or is it a combination of both? Would you ever want to produce or direct projects in which you are not also acting?

Kathy: I have kind of a fake veto power over the editing. Meaning, I can take something out over the objections of the production company. But Bravo, the network, can override me. It’s kind of meaningless. I very, very rarely ask for anything offensive to be taken out. Believe me, I’m already sweating a couple other things I say in Episode 1 and 2. I’ve only seen rough cuts of Episodes 1 and 2 this season. I don’t mean to sound like an asshole, but I think this season is going to be really good.

Bravo added an episode, so now we’re doing 7 instead of 6. In fact, I’m still taping. I definitely would like to produce shows I’m not acting in. And I would like to start small and learn as much as I can--probably in the non-scripted area. It’s not like I’m going to produce the next "Lost" or anything.

Admin: From multiple users: Kathy, were you involved in the Season 1 DVD process at all, or was it news to you guys as well as it was to us? Please fill us in.

Kathy: It was news to me. I thought it was about time. God knows I love Bravo, but they probably won’t promote it very much. So, I hope the word of mouth is good. I know that the British star Ricky Gervais called Bravo and requested Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD. And he asked me one time why it hadn’t come out on DVD yet. So they probably listened to him and not me.

Admin: Kathy we have at least 10 questions asking for a status update on Chance (who is one of Kathy’s dogs), if possible. Thanks.

Kathy: First of all, he’s the best man I’ve ever known. He’s right next to me right now. And the vet says he’s a miracle dog because he has lymphoma for three years now. He’s just basically enjoying his life as a television star. And Pom Pom is a little brat who gets away with murder because she’s adorable.

Admin: From flor123: Kathy, will we see any new staff members on the coming season? As Jessica is such a fan favorite.

Kathy: Oh, will you ever! Get ready for Tiffany and Tom. Tiffany is the adorable second assistant. And Tom is the former dog sitter who turned into the tour manager. He also lives in my guest room and is my roomie. They’re both really, really great on the show and very natural.

Tiffany, Tom, and Jessica get along great and are very funny together.

Admin: From GCOLE: Will Brooke Shields ever be on your show? Do you have contact with her often?

Kathy: I haven’t seen Brooke in a couple of years. I sent her flowers when she had her last kid, whose name escapes me.

Admin: From Groovy: Your webmaster mentioned the possibility of an audio podcast for an episode of the DVD. Would you consider doing something like that so we can hear your thoughts on your show?

Kathy: I did a podcast for Season 1 that ran on Bravo’s website. But I’d probably rather give you guys the first crack at that stuff. So I’m happy to do a podcast as long as it goes to first. HeHeHe. Bravo gets upset with me because I won’t give them stuff for their website. But they don’t even keep the forums updated. And they’re not nearly as clever as the forums on You guys know you’re good.

Admin: From Grange: Where is your favorite vacation spot? LOVE YOU! Do you tend to stay out of the public eye while on vacation or jump right in?

Kathy: I just got back from a week vacation. When I’m touring this much and taping this much, I like to take the type of vacation where I veg out and do nothing. So I go to Mexico, Bora Bora, or Turks and Caicos. I bring all kinds of lofty books to read, and I end up just staring at the water like a crazy person.

Admin: From JohnD: My husband and I are big fans!!! We live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We’d love the opportunity to see you perform locally. Do you have any plans to come to Toronto or Canada, or is it in the works?

Kathy: It’s definitely in the works. I think I have a Toronto date coming up fairly soon. Just keep checking the website. I love the audiences in Canada.

By the way, Seasons 1 and 2, and two of my specials, have been purchased to air in the UK starting in May. Ironically, they would be on the E Channel, in the UK. Take that, Seacrest!

By the way, I’m trying to BS my way into the audience for the Idol finale, and I haven’t been able to swing it yet. But I know if I ask for a ticket under my own name I’ll never get one. I might have to go through Eva Longoria, who probably regrets she ever met me!

Admin: From multiple users: Where were you when you heard of Anna Nicole’s passing? And, in relation to your material (where she was often included), did this put an extra exclamation point on the whole thing? Would you agree that the media, after the death, has been over-the-top?

Kathy: I was in Cleveland on tour. I went into a restaurant and made them turn on the TV so I can watch it live on CNN. I know this is going to sound corny coming from me, but it hit me really hard. I did know her and Daniel, and I truly think it’s tragic; so I’m not doing material about it. It’s not because I’m censoring myself but because her death and Daniel’s death themselves aren’t funny to me. I make fun of the ridiculous Florida judge and other auxiliary factors.

Admin: We’ll end on this one: Kathy, how long do you plan to tour? All your life? Have you set a date when you might stop; or, is it just a matter of time in relation to shows you may do?

Kathy: I will always tour. Absolutely love it! I’m touring so intensively now because, luckily for me, "My Life on the D-List" is airing. I sell lots of tickets, and I get to play big beautiful venues. Knowing that there will be a time when things will slow down for me, I’m taking the advice of my pal Brad Garrett, who told me to: "Make hay while the sun shines."

I want to thank everybody for participating. I read the forums every day. I’m sorry I don’t post more. And I’m going to continue to call people on the phone randomly. Please tune in June 5th. And I really, really hope that you guys like Season 3.

Admin: We all thank you, Kathy, for taking the time to chat with us! It really means a lot.

Thank you to Joey for all the hard work and Kathy’s staff as well. Please make sure to check out season 3 of Kathy’s reality show which is slated for launch on June 5th at 10pm Eastern.

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