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Live Chat with Kathy Griffin
Sunday, October 1, 2006
from New York City

(Questions submitted live by fans - admin: Will.)

Kathy's opening statement: Hi everybody. Thanks for coming. I've been looking so forward to this. I'm sorry for not calling more people at home. I've just been traveling so much.

Admin: What talk shows can you not go on really? (Asked by: funnierthansand)

Kathy: Leno, Letterman, Conan, Regis, & Ellen. Those are the only ones that have officially let me know that I'm not welcomed. But I'm sure there are other shows that I haven't heard from, that I'm also not welcomed.

Admin: What is your favorite episode of your reality show and why?

Kathy: I'm definitely most proud of the Iraq episode because I think it showed such a human side of the war. And I'm so pleased that the men and women who were featured on the two episodes, have gotten recognition from their peers from being on the show, as well as being teased mercifully. I have been e-mailing with Sgt. Tom Adkins, who I visited in the hospital, who has survived the explosion that took his finance and friend the day before. He is doing much better. He is at Fort Campbell. And he always gives me a chuckle by signing off his e-mails with things like "Don't sweat the petty things, pet the sweaty things".

Admin: I know you're a night own but were you as tired as we were after your 11pm show last night? (Asked by: WHRL)

Kathy: The problem is, I'm always jacked up for a few hours after the show. Even when I have to get on a plane, or go right to bed, or as I did last night - get in the car and drive from Atlantic City to New York City.

Admin: Have you ever considered doing other forms of entertainment away from stand up like singing, politics or a talk show (Asked by: LaMonkey)

Kathy: (HAHAH) I'm just trying to keep my head above water here people. I went to see Martin Short's one man show today called "Fame Becomes Me". He is so brilliant with the singing and the dancing, and the lighting and the costumes and the sets. I was exhausted watching him. I think I'll just stick to the stool and bottle of water right now.

Admin: Kathy, we love your work down under! Aside from Jesus, which celeb is currently the most overrated? (Redmist)

Kathy: I am very excited to go and do stand-up in Austrailia someday. I love Andrew Denton (He's kinda like the Austrailian Howard Stern.) And for overrated, I'm going to have to go with Nicole Richie down the line, because I still can't figure out what she does.

Admin: In the forums people often ask if there's "Kathy merchandise" -- T-shirts, etc. Anything like that in the works (Asked by: auntiem)

Kathy: You all know about my ill fated attempt to sell my own DVD's. In my limited experience, after shipping the merchandise to the venue, giving the venue 40%, which they demand - it's not really worth the hassle. But lots of people around me are telling me I should do it. So I am going to try and figure something out. (God knows it works for Clay)

Admin: Where do you keep your "key to the city"? (Asked by: Jennpup)

Kathy: It fell down the drain, it's so f-in small. And it didn't even clog the drain. However, I keep my heart in a little town called Lance Bass-ville

Admin: Do you think you will ever do an all girl or group stand up tour with women comics like Caroline Rhea and Sarah Silverman? (Asked by: Inpara)

Kathy: I love those girls, and I would love to do something like that in the future. Although, I would rather do an all girl sitcom with those girls, because the state of women in sitcom is so pitiful right now, that maybe if all of us girls team up, they'll have to put it on. I have been pitching a funny Desperate Housewives sitcom, since two years before Desperate Housewives were even on.

Admin: (Besides those we've seen in your shows) Do you keep up with anyone from your time in THE GROUNDLINGS (Asked by: crz033)

Kathy: Absolutely. They are still some of my best friends. I went to the premiere of Employee of the Month, with Tim Bagley, who's very funny in the movie. And two other of my Groundling's pals, Jennifer Collidge - and Mike Hitchcock.

Admin: Is there any chance of shows in Toronto or Canada in the coming future? (Asked by: CdnGuy)

Kathy: Absolutely. I think I have Toronto on the books coming up. But I don't know if I have a date yet. Vancouver and Montreal aren't find behind. I've done the Montreal Comedy Festival a couple of times. They are very forgiving about my Celine material. She is, after all, their royalty.

Admin: How did you come up for the names for your dogs? (Asked by: Ohio and many others)

Kathy: Chance was already named when I got him from the Lab Rescue Society. Pom Pom was the name of a tiny puppy on another Rescue website. However, I was determined not to get a young puppy, but still wanted to name whatever dog I did get, Pom Pom. And it just makes me laugh every time, because it's really not an appropriate name for Pom Pom. Pom Pom should be named Holy Terror! And Chance should be named, Perfect Faithful Loving Dog.

Admin: What is your favorite book/color and movie? (Asked by: multiple people)

Kathy: Book is anything Anne Tyler ie. Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant. Color - #EC5562, because I like to stare at any body of water, longer than any crazy person would. Movie - The Dead Zone. I love the character of Johnny Smith. It was Christopher Watkin pre-crazy.

Admin: I would like to ask about the current status of the D-list, just any update you can give, thanks (Asked by: Markz)

Kathy: Bravo still has not picked up Season 3. They have expressions like "We're on the bubble", which is very Hollywood. But I would suspect they are going to do a Season 3 and I'll probably be the last to hear about it. But I don't count on anything. I very much appreciate the petition you've guys have started.

Admin: Thanks to Ohio Ruthie for starting that btw....

Admin: If possible, Auntdonna wants to know Kathy's spin on Tom's apology to Brooke Sheilds. Thanks.

Kathy: I think that was a good god damn day for Brooke Shields. I'm sure she got a kick out of it and was very touched. However, I have apologized to Brook Shields many times in her home, and no one gives a sh-t about that.

Admin: Is there any chance of making a comedy CD? (Asked by: Thatsmylobster)

Kathy: I prefer DVDs because having Allegedly under my belt, I kinda feel like I know what I'm doing. However I should look into a CD, because it's got to be easier, right? I owe Bravo one more special, but I have more material and swearing then they could ever have time for. So I definitely would like to do an uncensored DVD or CD soon.

Admin: What are your thoughts on Perez Hilton and his website (if you have seen it)?

Kathy: It's certainly Perez's first amendment right to print whatever he wants, but it bums me out that he's just mean for the sake of being mean, without the humor. I think if your going to try to literally ruin careers for no reason, as he is doing to Matt Dallas....what's really the point?

Admin: You know we all love Jessica. If the tables were turned what celebrities would you want to be an assistant? (Asked by: firmmerc)

Kathy: Cher. And I would pay her. Although I would still need Jessica's help in color coding and organizing the wigs.

Admin: With all that is going on.....Are you planning on going back to Iraq or any related trips? (Asked by: mb paraphrased)

Kathy: Well I probably shouldn't give something like this away, but if we do Season 3, they wanna send me to a prison to perform. Are these people trying to kill me, for God's sake?

Admin: What is the one thing you can't live without: iPod, cell or computer (blackberry) (Asked by: Lawnorder)

Kathy: iPod. I recently left my iPod on an airplane and now some custodian from US Airways probably now has an iPod full of Backstreet Boys, Michael Bolton, and the #EC5562 Stripes.

Admin: Have you ever been in any uncomfortable positions because of your political views (in relation to your stand-up) (Asked by: oakland paraph)

Kathy: All the time. I get boo-ed at almost every show, when I start to shoot off my big fat lefty mouth, and yet I can not stop myself. Honestly, 98% of anything I say on stage is to purely get a laugh. So when I do political material, it's because I think it's something we are all laughing at.

Admin: You were on the View with Katherine McPhee, any dish on her? Are the diva rumors true? (Asked by: Firmm)

Kathy: I was completely focused on kissing Barbara's a$$. I did not concern myself with the a$$ of Katherine McPhee.

Admin: What made you think of calling people from the chat other celebrity does that kind of are great for doing that (Asked by: BrianPA)

Kathy: Aw, I love doing that. Ever since I was a kid, I had crazy fantasies of famous people calling me and I'm surprised movie stars and other celebrities don't. It's really fun and I get to meet new people - because frankly I'm sick of my parents. Just kidding.

Admin: Kathy, when we spoke, you told me that Major Todd was in DC in Colonel's that going and how is he? (Asked by: lobartay)

Kathy: He is a dream boat. I will see him on Wednesday when I play the Kennedy center. He's doing very well in Lt. Col. School. Okay, maybe that's not the official way to refer to it. He told me that when we were in the magazines, after the Emmy's, one of the guys spread around about 40 copies of each and they were busting his balls about it. He thought it was a riot.

Admin: What comedienne has been your biggest influence? (Asked by: multiple people)

Kathy: There are so many. Joan Rivers, because she handles fame so well and has been such a good friend to me. Janeane Garofalo, because she supported me from the very first night I ever did stand-up in a book store. Margaret Cho because her act transitions seamlessly from a nightclub to a theater. Sandra Bernhard, because she's so brilliant at the stream of consciousness humor. And among the guys: Howard Stern, Jerry Seinfeld, & Bill Maher, have been very supportive of me.

Admin: Suwheet asks if Andy Dick's nuttiness is all an act (what is he like in real life)?

Kathy: Andy's nuttiness is not an act. He is profoundly nutty. I think he is a comedic genius, in the way Andy Kaufman was. I just think he is inherently funny, but probably couldn't explain how he does what he does. It's in his DNA.

Admin: How did you receive the news on the recent events with Anna Nicole and what was your reaction in relation to your stand up (Asked by: multiple people)

Kathy: I feel terrible about making jokes about her and Daniel. I met Daniel a couple of times. He seemed like a really good kid. I think we will all continue to be fascinated by her, but I can't imagine getting over a tragedy like that.

Admin: Markz wants to know if Kathy thinks Tony Tripoli's recent interview about her was just to get publicity for Fashion House and if she's seen his show?

Kathy: I wish Tony all the best.

Admin: LOL...What was your brother's reaction when he saw the episode where your niece and nephew stayed with you? Any fallout? (Asked by: davebz)

Kathy: No. we watched a rough cut of the episode at their house about a month before it aired. The kids are mini celebrities in their neighborhood, but i was very worried about them going on various message boards and reading things about themselves. I talked to my brother and his wife about that. I'm used to reading brutal things about myself, but i was very worried about them stumbling on something vicious. I've talked to them about it a lot and they have done a great job at laughing off the negative comments and having fun with the positive comments. I did not have that talk with Talan from Laguna Beach. He is on his own.

Admin: Last one: If the Bravo Reality show is indeed canceled, but VH1 offers to pick it up but it would be drastically changed (or any network imposes that) would you do it with them? (Asked by: miker)

Kathy: I would be happy to do anything on VH1 or any other channel that will have me.

Kathy's closing statement: I just want to thank everybody. I hope it was entertaining and get to do it again soon.

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